Used Blister Packaging Machines

Blister packaging is an effective and affordable way to display your products, and allows customers to view your product from several different angles while providing protection from damage and theft.

Purchasing used packaging machines is an ideal solution for smaller companies wishing to save costs by packaging their own products, without investing in the expense of brand new equipment. It is an excellent option for businesses who wish to keep the packaging process on-site rather than outsourcing to other companies. For clients investing in smaller businesses, this can lead to significant savings over purchasing new machinery. Buying used packaging machines is also a smart choice for those who foresee upgrading to larger scale blister machines in the future, but need an affordable alternative in the meantime.

In addition to used blister machines, Vista Pak supplies the individual packaging components you will need to package your product, including high-quality, custom printed paperboard blister cards and corrugated blister cards.

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